Thanks to Pokemon Go, Nintendo's market value was boosted to the tune of $9 billion when the ultra-viral mobile game hit. Sure, investors ended up looking stupid (and caused Nintendo's stock to plummet) when they realized that Nintendo didn't make Pokemon Go, but that doesn't mean that lightning couldn't strike twice for Nintendo.

During today's huge Apple keynote event, which included the announcement of the iPhone 7, Nintendo announced a new Super Mario game, Super Mario Run​, would be hitting iOS 10 later this year for an undetermined price. While it isn't an action game like Super Mario Bros., the game (which can be played one-handed) will find you battling your friends in timed courses in which the idea is to gain as many coins as possible within the allotted time. That information, in a post-Pokemon Go world, must have sounded good to investors, as it caused Nintendo's stock to climb 20 percent after the announcement.

Kotaku also reported that Super Mario Run will be hitting the Android in the future.

Don't trip, though; while this might sound cool and logical, this is kind of a big deal. Nintendo's never dropped a game for iOS, and putting out a Mario game for its initial push? That's a huge statement, and one that might not have been possible without the success of Pokemon Go. It's also interesting to note that there'd been rumors of Nintendo getting into the mobile game sphere for a while, including talk of mobile components for their secretive NX project.

One has to imagine that this will be a major next step in the future of Nintendo's legacy.