No this isn't a motorcycle race, this is a regular street in Mississauga, Ontario. Yesterday afternoon, citizens of the city were invaded by a mob of 100 motorcyclists, speeding down the road on their "crotch rockets". While visually, the whole thing is admittedly cool, the event caused havoc in the streets. The gang carelessly proceeded through red lights, and now police are investigating a potential link to a fiery crash that occurred during the incident.

It all started when drivers on Erin Mills Parkway, heard the hum of engines begin to surround them. Commuters were carrying along, when a sudden wave of bikes veered through traffic. Police have since stated that there were no interactions between the bikers and the unsuspecting drivers. Freelance journalist, Pascal Marchand, captured the extent of the mob. Other videos began to circulate on Facebook and Instagram.


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Social media users filmed the fiery wreck of what appears to be a motorcycle. Reports from the scene claim that a biker who wiped out, escaped the area on the back of another motorcycle. Unsurprisingly, authorities were eventually called in, but there have yet to be any charges or arrests.