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You haven't really made it until your career trajectory has been flipped into a struggle-esque biopic for Lifetime, which is why it's kind of amazing that we're only just now getting one about Britney Spears. The film, simply dubbed Britney, just rounded out its cast by finally nailing down some talent to portray Justin Timberlake, Kevin Federline, and other key players in the Spears story.

Nathan Keyes has been tapped for the role of Timberlake, BuzzFeed News reported Wednesday. Keyes will be joined by Clayton Chitty as the one and only K-Fed and Kelly McCabe as Jason Alexander but not, you know, that Jason Alexander. Britney's parents, Jamie and Lynn, will be played by Matthew Harrison and Nicole Oliver, respectively.

Britney will also give the unauthorized treatment to longtime manager Larry Rudolph, played by Peter Benson, in addition to former backup dancer Wade Robson (Markian Tarasiuk) and NSYNC backup dancer Tamara Thorsen (Jenna Dewan). As previously announced, Hail, Caesar! star Natasha Bassett will be rocking the title role.

The TV-ified slice of cinema, according to the Hollywood Reporter's announcement of its existence back in August, will detail the "tumultuous true story" of Spears' path to fame by kicking things off in Louisiana. Spears' marriages to Jason Alexander and Kevin Federline will be "examined," as will her struggles with her parents' divorce. The film is set for release sometime in 2017.

The real Britney Spears just released her ninth album Glory, featuring the hit single "Make Me…" with G-Eazy. She is not expected to actually, like, watch this Lifetime thing. No offense.