The greatest story ever told, i.e. the real-life tale of Kendall and Kylie Jenner getting stuck in an elevator, continues to bring joy and inspiration to millions of people all over the world. But life has a way of always surprising you with its sudden acts of shittiness, as evidenced by the fact that the building owners now (reportedly!) want Kendall and Kylie to pay up. Not up on the elevator rescue vibes? Get familiar.

"They're getting hit with the bill," a so-called "insider" told Page Six Monday. "They were holding the elevator to the point that it went off track." According to this elevator-hating "insider," several tenants blamed Kendall and Kylie for the ordeal after reportedly hearing the elevator doors alarm beeping for a longer-than-normal amount of time.

Jordyn Woods and Hailey Baldwin were also caught up in the elevator scare Thursday night, suffering together through a particularly troubling snack scarcity (Nature Valley?!?) and eventually posing with the New York City Fire Department team that pulled off the American AF rescue operation. The $7.35 million apartment itself, however, is currently being rented by Kendall and Kylie, hence the specificity of all this alleged elevator blame.

One of the building's developers told Page Six a slightly different and less blame-y story, saying that no one has "suggested" that Kendall and Kylie will be expected to pay the bill. "The elevator got stuck a couple of times," Steven Schnall said Monday. "We made a service call and will surely get a bill." Hmmmm.

So a group of famous friends waltz into an elevator, get promptly stuck in said elevator, run out of snacks immediately, get daringly rescued, then (reportedly) run the risk of footing the bill? This story hits all the emotions. Someone adapt this shit.