Anonymous sources are back it again, this time diving into the previously dead (and hella alleged) romance between recent Vogue cover star Kendall Jenner and beloved White Eskimo singer Harry Styles. After reportedly getting closer during an Eastern Caribbean vacation back in December, the would-be love hit a ceasefire before, according to People, getting revived at Ysabel in Los Angeles last week.

A source tells the widely admired provider of top-shelf journalism that the two are currently deep in the process of "trying to spend time together again," whatever that means. During their "dinner date" at Ysabel last Thursday, Jenner was reportedly "beaming" all night. Sadly, the source failed to confirm whether Styles was also beaming, glowing, enamored, or all of the above during dinner.

"They're rekindling their old romance and Kendall's so excited and happy about it," the source told People Monday. "She's always cared about Harry." The romance (allegedly!) being rekindled stems from their first reported appearance together way back in 2014, during which Styles and Jenner hit up Mammoth Mountain in California for some slope action.

And how does Styles allegedly feel about all this? According to People's all-knowing source, he's been waiting patiently to get their romance brewing again. "He has thought all along that Kendall is hot and was sort of just waiting for a chance to spend more time with her again," the source said.

Styles has previously been linked to Taylor Swift and Xtra Factor star Caroline Flack, while Jenner has most recently been rumored to be dating A$AP Rocky. Sources say that both Styles and Jenner, like many humans before them, may very well date other people in the future. Who knows? Life is full of surprises.