(UPDATED Sept. 17, 12:55 a.m. ET)

The Hollywood Reporter updated its original story to say that Jonah Hill has not canceled his French media appearances. He will continue to promote War Dogs in the country. 

Original story below:

Jonah Hill has called off all his previously scheduled French media appearances for War Dogs after getting brutally ridiculed on TV. The Oscar-nominated actor canceled all press after getting mocked by Ornella "Miss Meteo" Fleury on Le Grand Journal, according to the Hollywood Reporter. For those wondering, Hill's War Dogs co-star Miles Teller also appeared on the program but appears to have avoided the mockery.

The ridicule appears to have kicked off with a seemingly out-of-nowhere This Is the End reference, with Fleury specifically mentioning a particularly haunting scene in which Hill's character gets possessed by a demon. "When I saw you get sodomized by a three-meter-tall demon in This Is the End, I told myself, 'Now that's the man of my dreams,'" Fleury said in French. Hill's response? "I hear you get sodomized pretty often." Then Fleury turned up the heat:

"That's why I have a sexual fantasy with you," Fleury said, detailing a hotel meet-up in which Jonah would make her laugh before inviting over his pals Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. "Then you'd go away," Fleury said. "I'm glad I came on this show to get ridiculed by your local weather girl," Hill concluded.


Fleury later issued an apology for the mockery, insisting it all came down to a false impression. "I really had the impression that I knew you," Fleury said, noting she has long been a fan of Hill's films. "I thought I was just messing around with a friend, but the reality is that we are not friends."

War Dogs, based on a presumably less comedic true story, is currently in theaters.