Last Week Tonight bagged a well-deserved Emmy at Sunday's Jimmy Kimmel-hosted ceremony, which thankfully meant John Oliver simply was not having anyone's bullshit when getting slammed with questions backstage. And what sort of bullshit was tossed Oliver's way after copping a huge victory over competitors like Real Time With Bill Maher and The Late Late Show With James Corden? Trump-related bullshit, sadly.

When asked if he felt "responsible" for Trump's rise, Oliver was very clear. "Thank you, yes, it was an honor to win," Oliver said, laughing. "Do I feel responsible for Trump? The short answer to that is no and the slightly longer answer is no, of course I fucking don't." When a reporter from Australia seemed to chide Oliver for his previous assertion that Trump definitely wouldn't make it to the White House, Oliver kept the no bullshit vibes moving speedily ahead.

"Well, let's give us a chance," Oliver said. "Have some faith, Angela. And maybe check on the state of your own country's immigration policies before you steer it too hard at this one." Elsewhere, Oliver mocked another reporter's hella serious question about "responsibility" by just calling the dude "dad" and "father." To put it simply, um, don't come at Oliver unless you're ready for a calm but hilarious clapback.