Eddie Murphy made an appearance Friday on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he executed an uncanny impersonation of Tracy Morgan.

Kimmel told Murphy that he'd heard Murphy was the first person to make Morgan laugh after the June 2014 car accident that left Morgan critically injured and comedian James McNair dead. "Tracy told me he went to your house and you made him, as he said over and over again to me, ballpark franks," Kimmel says.

Murphy then launches into a bit as Morgan, talking about hot dogs in Morgan's signature baritone.

"That's why imma always be cool with Eddie, 'cause he made me them franks," Murphy says, shaking his head. "And when I was young, they used to call me 'Fat Murphy.'" (Out of character, Murphy confirms that Morgan really did tell him that.)

Morgan, who was in a coma for two weeks following the 2014 car accident, was nominated for an Emmy award after his return to hosting Saturday Night Live. He has said that the show helped him go back to comedy after the accident, which almost claimed his life.

In an appearance on The View this week, Morgan told the show's co-hosts that he has dedicated the rest of his career to McNair.