It's hard to replace a man who has inside jokes with complete strangers, who can speak French in Russian, who can slam a revolving door, and, well, who is internationally known as "The Most Interesting Man in the World." But Dos Equis has done just that.

The last of Dos Equis' iconic "Most Interesting Man in the World" commercials with 77-year-old Jonathan Goldsmith dropped back in March, when Dos Equis announced that they would be retiring the famous face of their beer company. But now, the old bearded man has been replaced with a younger, more modern, 41-year-old man. Augustin Legrand, a French actor who also speaks English and Spanish, made his debut Wednesday morning in a 30-second spot for Dos Equis. In the clip, Legrand is seen karate chopping and coming out of caves and wells and spaceships like he's some sort of beer-loving James Bond. 

The change is part of Dos Equis' plan to update their brand's image. Since "The Most Interesting Man in the World" debuted almost a decade ago, "culture has changed very dramatically," Andrew Katz, Dos Equis' vice president of marketing, told USA Today. He added, "We just want to make sure that the [Most Interesting Man] story evolves."

Legrand will help bring attention to Dos Equis' first-ever Snapchat campaign, largely aimed at Millennial drinkers. The brand will also be an official sponsor of the College Football Playoff, which will serve as the kick off for Legrand's first full advertisements in October. Look for them to hit your TV soon.