Remember that time Rob Kardashian went rogue and shared Kylie Jenner's actual phone number with damn near everyone in the world? It was crazy and, miraculously, all of it still very much appears all over Rob's Twitter timeline. Of course, the ensuing word on the street painted Rob and Blac Chyna as a couple allegedly residing in Splitsville, USA. To get a better reading on this, we should probably figure out where the hell Kim Kardashian was when all this went down and hear her thoughts on the potential fallout.

Kardashian joined Watch What Happens Live boss Andy Cohen at The Girls' Lounge dinner in New York City on Tuesday, where she was asked about catching the certainly interesting presidential debate the night before. "I watched a little bit of it but I was on the phone at the same time, a little family drama," Kardashian revealed, according to E! News. "Group texting." Hmmm.

Rob Kardashian Tweets Kylie's Number

After Rob Kardashian let nearly 7 million randoms get their hands on Kylie's (now defunct) phone number, TMZ casually hit us with the claim that he and Blac Chyna had actually been hanging out in Splitsville for "months" now. According to their seemingly overworked detectives, ChyRo last entertained union vibes with a friendly dinner celebrating the premiere of Rob & Chyna.​


But according to E! News' own detectives, there's a bit more to the story. "Rob couldn't attend [the baby shower], so Chyna was going to attend and Kim said if Rob didn't go, then Chyna couldn't go," a source claimed. "It sounds like that's what caused the argument." At any rate, the next few episodes of Rob & Chyna should certainly be compelling.