For over 50 years, Jeopardy! has been America's smartest game show. Since its inception, the quiz has made its mark for gifting its contestants with hefty cash prizes - all while giving audiences at home, a chance to test their own knowledge. With a little help from its aggressively difficult questions (and some more from Will Ferrell) the show has embedded itself into American culture, becoming one of the most popular syndications on television.

Part of Jeopardy!'s legacy has forever been its proud Canadian host, Alex Trebek. The 76 year-old has hosted the show since 1984, and has consistently shouted out his home nation, repping it hard along the way. Despite the birthplace of its presenter, Jeopardy! has spent a good portion of the year, limiting potential contestants to the United States. Since February, Canadian hopefuls have been prevented from entering the testing quiz, which helps to filter out submissions and eventual on-air participants. Now, thanks to a little help from its famous Canuck host, Canadians will be able to compete on the game show.

After visiting Ottawa this year, Trebek met with Canadian Prime Minister (and staunch shirt hater), Justin Trudeau. According to multiple sources, Trebek left the encounter with a promise of lifting the ban by the end of the summer. Now, it seems as though the host has made good on that promise. As of this week, Canadians can compete on Jeopardy!

The new alteration has been in affect since September 12th, and is now being publicized on the show's official website. As bluntly stated in the rather plain submission form, "Canadians are eligible". The move is sure to delight Canadian fans, and will do so even more, for its future Canadian winners. As of writing, the US dollar has a CAD exchange rate of $1.32. That's a nice incentive for would-be Canadian players.

Jeopardy! airs pretty much everywhere, and to find out exactly which stations, consult your grandmother. In the meantime, you can fulfill your dream of being on TV, by taking the challenge quiz here.