Has the reign of ChyRo already come to an end? That's the word from TMZ, who reported Tuesday that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are "seriously on the outs." In fact, TMZ's detectives claim that the pair hasn't spoken to each other in months and that's why Rob's sisters were planning a Chyna-free baby shower.

The stars of Rob & Chyna, who currently have their first child together on the way, reportedly "briefly reunited" for a celebratory dinner ahead of the E! series premiere. Other than that presumably delicious meal, TMZ claims, the couple has been very much in the "split" zone.

Rob got a little reckless with the tweets Monday night, ignoring the first presidential debate in favor of exposing Kylie Jenner's phone number. The tipping point, at least according to dude's tweets, was that Blac Chyna had intentionally not been invited to the planned baby shower by the Kardashian fam. However, according to TMZ's tragic report Tuesday, Chyna also agreed with the fam that "separate showers were best." Those tweets, amazingly enough, were still live at the time of publication:

An alternate theory for all the skeptics out there is that all of this is just a big (alleged!) ploy to plump up the ratings for Rob & Chyna ahead of the season finale. But, hey, cynicism is lame. This shit is for real!

RIP ChyRo (!?!?)​