Bill Murray may be busy with his full-time job of, you know, being Bill Murray, but the living legend still knows the importance of establishing a solid side hustle. The celebrated Academy Award nominee will be a Brooklyn bartender this Friday and Saturday at the new bar called 21 Greenpoint, Eater confirmed Wednesday. Though randomly popping up at a Brooklyn drinking locale to tend bar definitely sounds like something Lord Bill would do just for the hell of it, there's a bit more to the story.

21 Greenpoint is owned by Syd Silver and Homer Murray, i.e. Bill's own flesh and blood. "We want people to come and have fun," Homer told Eater of the bar's planned vibes this weekend. "People can walk in; just be nice. What my dad lacks in experience, he makes up for in tequila." The space was previously the home of Murray and Silver's River Styx restaurant, with the owners describing 21 Greenpoint as a "more upscale" affair. "We made it prettier, renovated the dining room, added a new bar, and updated the kitchen," Homer said.

As with anything that's unequivocally awesome, there is a slight catch to this whole "Bill Murray tends bar" thing. "For overall capacity reasons, this is not an open door event," a 21 Greenpoint spokesperson told Eater via an updated statement Thursday. "There will be a guest list." A guest list?!? Fine. Whatever. That makes sense.

True Bill Murray side hustle specialists will recall that this doesn't mark the first time the Ghostbusters icon has dabbled in the art of drink-making. Way back in 2010, Murray hit up a bar in Austin during SXSW with RZA and GZA. His on-the-job drink of choice that evening? According to Vulture, that honor belonged to tequila. A fine choice, Bill. A fine choice indeed.