Aziz Ansari's dad Shoukath Ansari is the GOAT. He starred as Aziz's own father in the comedian's hit Netflix show Master of None and quickly became a fan favorite (his delivery is absolutely perfect; some stars are just born). Aziz Ansari even joked to Jimmy Fallon that fame has already gotten to his father's head: "He's already like, 'We gotta find the next project for me.'"

Last night, Ansari and co-creator Alan Yang took home an Emmy in the category of Writing for a Comedy Series, specifically for the episode "Parents," an episode in which Aziz Ansari's character Dev and his friend Brian (Kelvin Yu) learn about their respective immigrant parents' pasts and tough move to America over dinner. Even though the Emmys rudely cut them off before Aziz Ansari got to make a speech (forcing him to adorably run off stage), Yang, who spoke first, pointed out what a monumental win this is not just for them two, but overall for Asian Americans in the industry. 

Papa Ansari played a huge part in "Parents" (as you can probably gather from the episode title) and was over-the-moon proud of his son. Just look at this man bursting with pure joy:

Aziz Ansari Dad Emmys

The man was having the time of his LIFE. But the real highlight might have been the Emmys after-party, during which Papa Ansari got to mingle with fellow GOAT, Jaden Smith. Aziz posted the iconic photo on his Instagram, writing, "What's great is how NOT out of place my dad looks in Jaden's squad." True true true. If you're wondering who the croppable white guy on the left is, that would be Kardashian affiliate and Jaden squad member Harry Hudson. Alternate caption: Shoukath Ansari and two fans. Another alternate caption: Jaden Smith communicates through coconut water at the Emmys after-party. (Wouldn't put it past him, tbh.)