If it seems as if you’re seeing Priyanka Chopra everywhere these days, you’re not imagining things. The star of ABC’s Quantico, which sees the actress playing super smart FBI recruit-turned-terror suspect Alex Parrish, is having a major moment right now—and it goes far beyond the small screen.

From music to movies, Chopra has yet to meet a medium she can’t conquer. And while her rise to stardom might seem meteoric to American audiences, fame is nothing new to Chopra; she has been a familiar face to audiences in her native India since the early 2000s and is one of the country’s most powerful celebrities. “I’m destiny’s favorite child, other than Beyoncé,” she joked in our June/July cover story. And she might be on to something.

If you’re wondering what all the buzz is about, you’ve still got time to binge-watch Quantico’s addictive first season before season two kicks off on Sept. 25 at 10|9c. In case you’re not convinced yet, check out these 11 GIFs That Made Us Fall in Love With Priyanka Chopra.