Disney Channel star Zendaya's super secretive role in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming franchise reboot has finally been revealed, and it's huge. According to a new report from The Wrap, Zendaya will be taking on the iconic role of Mary Jane Watson in the new film from Marvel. "At least one recent draft of the script has Zendaya’s character dropping several clues to her identity as Mary Jane," said the report.

There was much fanfare when it was originally announced that she would be part of the film back in March. Since then, her character has only been known by the name Michelle. Many speculated that this was only a pseudonym, which The Wrap's report now seems to confirm. What's not clear is whether or not Mary Jane will be the love interest of Peter Parker in the movie. The film is said to focus on a high-school-aged Parker, whose first girlfriend was traditionally Gwen Stacy. It won't, however, be an origin story. "I think that everybody feels like, you know, [Peter Parker] got bit by a spider and you know Uncle Ben died," said screenwriter Jonathan Goldstein to Grantland last August. "We probably don't need to revisit that."

British actor Tom Holland will reprise his role as Spider-Man/Peter Parker after making his debut as the webslinger in Captain America: Civil War earlier this year. Other actors appearing in the film include Michael Keaton, Donald Glover, Marisa Tomei,  and Robert Downey Jr. 

Unfortunately, fans will still have to wait a little under a year until they actually get to see the film. Spider-Man: Homecoming will hit theatres on July 7, 2017.