In May, Johnny Depp was at the center of major controversy when his estranged wife Amber Heard brought domestic abuse allegations against him, prompting several people to come forward in support of both Depp and Heard. Heard alleged that Depp had been "verbally and physically abusive" throughout their relationship and cited an incident after her birthday in April when Depp got physically violent with her. A new video reportedly recorded by Heard in their home shows Depp yelling profanities at her and appearing drunk and violent. 

In the video posted by TMZ, you can see Heard trying to conceal the fact that she's recording who is alleged to be Depp as he appears to be a drunken fit. He can be heard yelling profanities in the beginning of the video, and Heard tries to calm him down by asking what's wrong. At the end of the video, he tops of a huge glass of wine before he notices Heard is recording him and swipes to grab her phone. 

Sources reportedly connected with Depp told TMZ that the video is heavily edited and that the whole thing is a set up by Heard. The same sources say there are portions of the video that were edited out that show Heard smiling and encouraging Depp's behavior. It's also unlikely that the video could be used as evidence in court, as Depp doesn't appear to know he's being taped.