If you’re trying to cop a ton of Pokeballs and Razz Berries near Toronto’s waterfront, you may be out of luck.

After an increase of visitors caused security risks at Toronto’s Jack Layton terminal, Mayor John Tory has decided to remove a portion of the area’s Pokestops. This move comes after Tory sent an email to Pokemon Go developer Niantic, who have now axed more than half of the location's digital landmarks. The removal stems from an earlier plea this month, after citizens complained about the mess of players occupying the ferry terminal. It is important to note, however, that players of the game will still be able to visit the area and discover a minimal number of the handy icons.

Toronto isn’t the only city to request the removal of these stops. Within the last few weeks, PokeStops in Australia and the United States have disappeared due to similar reasons. In Ontario, a mother appealed to get a stop removed after discovering that her son’s memorial plaque was also acting as a PokeStop. In response to these calls, Niantic has now made it easier to request a removal, by implementing a submission form on their official website.

For what it’s worth, Mayor Tory has claimed that he’d like to work with Niantic for more Pokemon Go events in his city. In the meantime, he’d like people to be respectful while catching them all.