The Simpsons are a literally an encyclopedia of cultural references that have bled it's way into the real world. One of the many giggles that the long running animated show has provided us over the years is the various fictional books that pop-up randomly, including ridiculous titles such as 'The Big Book of British Smiles', 'Homer I hardly Knew Me' and our personal favourite; 'So You're Going to Die'. These have now been converted into real life notebook covers by illustrators Bestplayever.

Bestplayever was started off by two brothers from Bradford back in 2013, since then they’ve been converting the fictional book titles from The Simpsons universe, turning them into real actual covers for notebooks. It’s literally one of the best things ever and it proves how culturally relevant—and important—Springfield’s most dysfunctional family really are.

Scroll down to the gallery to check out some of the illustrated covers and if you’re interested in purchasing them head over to the Bestplayever webstore.