Now that we finally have a little peek at what exactly Rob & Chyna is going to look like, the remaining weeks before the E! reality series' debut will probably be filled with remarkably chill press commitments like this one. Noted iPad regifter Rob Kardashian and renowned emoji maven Blac Chyna sat down for a live Facebook chat on the Keeping Up With the Kardashians page Wednesday afternoon, opening up about everything from their Hennessy-filled first date to whether or not their forthcoming baby will be rocking a K name.

When it comes to the royal couple's humble beginnings, they revealed during the chat that the love first kicked off during a date at Khloé Kardashian's house. "That was definitely our first date together," Rob said. "There was a lot of Hennessy." Awww. After that first taste of love, Chyna got Rob to come over to her house for some savory home-cooked meals. "I cooked for him, and that's how I reeled him in," Chyna said.

Elsewhere, the two open up about some equally major issues. Chyna's favorite nickname for Rob? "Jamie," for some reason. Best babysitter option between Kylie or Kendall? Chyna said she'd go with both, but Rob took a different approach. "Neither," he joked before getting real. "Probably Kylie."

As for the possibility of another K name for their baby, Chyna was quick to shut down the speculation by creating more speculation. "You guys have to stay tuned for that," Chyna said. Fair enough. Peep the full Facebook chat above, including at least one instance in which the two agree that Rob's mom is "bangin'."

Rob & Chyna hits us with the brilliance starting Sept. 11 on E!