Sorry to bust up all the pierced penis hype from yesterday, but we have some rather somber news to report. Pauly D and Aubrey O'Day, at least according to People, have once again broken up. If true, this marks the second time in three months the Famously Single stars have split.

Pauly D has since erased all signs of Aubrey O'Day from social media, which kinda sorta (definitely?) confirms that something is definitely going on with the couple. Though neither presumably bummed party has addressed rumors of their demise in public, TMZ reported Monday that the source of the apparent fracture was a recent Celebrity Big Brother shoot.

According to separate but equally mysterious sources who gifted E! News with the scoop, Pauly D was bummed because he "didn't like a video he saw of Aubrey on Celebrity Big Brother," so he called things off and promptly overhauled the 'gram. However, for anyone who's been watching Famously Single, the apparently rocky vibes between D and O'Day shouldn't exactly be a big surprise.

In fact, O'Day was not exactly a fan of Pauly D when they first met. "Pauly's the complete opposite of anyone I've ever dated," she said on the series premiere in June. "There isn't a lot of substance there and, honestly, I'm not interested!"

Oh, to remember happier times. Like the time Pauly D's pierced D got its own Facebook page and, years later, became the subject of much discussion on the Famously Single series finale. What happened?