Wow. Who could have predicted we'd all be saying and writing "candy ass" so many times this month? Thanks to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's Instagram diss heard 'round the world, the Great Candy Ass Debate of 2016 has ensnared practically everyone even remotely affiliated with the forthcoming Fast 8. Even the production crew allegedly weighed in. According to some fresh details from the Hollywood Reporter, The Rock's 'gram also "blindsided" Universal and put them in a potentially perilous situation.

The candy assery reportedly kicked off Aug. 8, when Johnson was preparing to shoot one of the final Fast 8 scenes with co-star and alleged "candy ass" Vin Diesel. As Johnson waited alongside director F. Gary Gray and the production crew in the "90-degree Atlanta sun" for Diesel to exit his trailer and get to work, something apparently snapped. "Everything was running smoothly," a source told THR, adding that the 100-day Fast 8 shoot was frequently delayed by Diesel's trailer dwelling. "This was how Vin has run things for the past several movies."

Executive VP Mark Sourian, who was already hanging out on the Fast 8 set when the shit briefly hit the fan, was put in charge of keeping the beef to a minimum and making sure the remaining scenes were pulled off without incident. According to THR, Diesel and Johnson also had a heated exchange inside Johnson's trailer about a Ballers joke (see above) and the "candy ass" 'gram. "What happened is over and no one expects there to be any lingering effect," a studio source told THR. "When it comes time to promote the movie, this will have no bearing."

In an effort to keep the Fast and Furious franchise roaring ahead in anticipation of two additional sequels, Johnson has since reportedly been advised to refrain from similar "candy ass" 'grams in the future. "That was seen as kind of unacceptable," a source told THR.

Fast 8 should put all this candy-assed controversy to rest when it arrives in theaters next April.