Matthew McConaughey: actor, philanthropist, and fresh-faced YouTube guru.

Reddit user S1icedBread noticed on Thursday that McConaughey had a sparsely populated but very real YouTube channel that was not getting nearly enough attention by the World Wide Web, and submitted an innocuous post about the farce to Reddit. As Reddit posts are wont to do, it subsequently torched the internet and McConaughey's channel, which went from 8,000 to nearly 64,000 subscribers.

In all fairness, the channel is not particularly fascinating (unless you find McConaughey's voice soothing; in which case, nobody's judging). The videos are pretty much an even split between movie trailers and rousing calls to join him in charitable causes.

McConaughey hasn't posted a video in two months, so now is as good a time as any to stalk the page as we anxiously await his next upload. Perhaps it'll be a tutorial of some kind?

In the meantime, check out the video above of McConaughey with very short hair talking about how to be a good person.

Here he is talking about childhood homelessness while wearing a white tank top:

Here is a plug for a yet-to-be-released animated film about singing animals:

And here he is with a radical handlebar mustache:

Happy viewing.