As Rio ended the 2016 Olympic Games with a carnival-inspired closing ceremony the hand-off to their successors Tokyo, who will be the hosts in 2020, was something to be remembered simply for the fact that Super-f***ing-Mario made an appearance.

Well not exactly Mario, it was actually Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who emerged from a life-like warp pipe dressed as the iconic Nintendo mascot. You've got to give him major kudos, what other world leader would come dressed up as their country’s single greatest export (who happens to be an Italian American plumber)? Tokyo's 2020 Olympic promo video also included cameos from the likes of Pac-Man and Hello Kitty

Obviously the internet loved it and reacted accordingly

Rio 2016 has barely ended but we're hyped for Tokyo 2020 already. We're secretly hoping to see giant-sized mech-fighting as an Olympic event.

Don't act like this wouldn't be Lit-AF to watch in real life...

Gundam Wing Gif