Like many of us out there who love comic books just as much as we love hip-hop, having the first teaser for Marvel's next Netflix series Luke Cage begin with Ol' Dirty Bastard's "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" was a moment. Keep in mind, this was months after hearing that A Tribe Called Quest's Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Adrian Younge would be handling the score for the series, and not too long before it was announced that each episode would be titled after a Gang Starr song. If there was any doubt, music would be playing a huge role in bringing Marvel's Harlem to life.

Today, Netflix released their first Luke Cage featurette, shedding light on the "Street Level Hero Music" that plays throughout the series. One interesting point Younge made is that, in looking at the music for each episode, he and Ali approached it like making 13 albums. Their mixture of new music, licensed tracks, and original material will give the series a more relevant, authentic feel.

Guest stars in this featurette include A$AP Ferg and Method Man, who lights up at the premise of Luke Cage kicking ass while the Wu-Tang Clan's "Bring the Ruckus" is playing. One has to imagine that, like so many hip-hop loving comic book heads, Meth has been waiting for a series like this to become a thing for years. Catch all of the sounds when Luke Cage premieres on Netflix in its entirety on Sept. 30.