As if you didn’t know already, this year’s Presidential race to sit in the White House and run the most powerful country on Earth is as divisive as gets. This is thanks in no small part to the outrageous statements that have come out of the mouth of Republican candidate, Donald Trump. He says he's joking but there's absolutely nothing funny about his Second Amendment comment towards his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton or his claims that Obama founded ISIS. However what is funny is when those awful things he says are read out by the voice of Zapp Brannigan, the inept captain from sci-fi cartoon series Futurama.

The character’s voice actor, Billy West—who also voices main character Fry, Proffessor Farnsworth and Dr. Zoidberg— tweeted some clips today, and quite frankly the results are hilarious. Remember, these are things that Trump has actually said.

Check out some of the clips below:

To hear more of Trumps quotes in the comical styling of Zapp Branningan click here.