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Wow. Isn't performance art great? In the Great Candy Ass Debate of 2016, the Fast 8 crew has reportedly taken sides. According to TMZ, the production crew behind the hotly anticipated follow-up to last year's Furious 7 feels some type of way about the feud currently brewing between alleged candy ass Vin Diesel and prolific Instagrammer Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Sources close to the production tell TMZ that The Rock is not alone in his frustrations with Diesel's work ethic, adding that the actor reportedly has a habit of strolling in up to an hour late to shoot scenes and also "forced" production to push back Monday call times from 7 to 10 a.m. Diesel's arrogance is reportedly "out of control," exhibited by his frequent criticism of The Rock and others regarding their acting abilities.

And how does this surely exhausted crew feel about The Rock? Very differently, TMZ reports. The Fast 8 team reportedly views him as the "ultimate professional." The Rock routinely nails his scenes without any issue and is always punctual, not to mention easy to work with.

So what gives? Is Vin Diesel actually a "candy ass," as The Rock's 'grammed shade would have us believe? Is this feud even real? Probably not. But it's a hell of a lot of fun. This conflict, faked or not, was credited by The Rock for making Fast 8 a better experience for the fans.

"To me, conflict can be a good thing when it's followed by great resolution," The Rock said on Instagram Wednesday. "I was raised on healthy conflict and welcome it. And like any family, we get better from it." 

Fast 8, which wraps shooting within the next few days, hits theaters next April. Can Vin Diesel and The Rock keep the headlines on lock for another 8 months?