Eastenders currently broadcast four episodes a week, but if that’s not enough for you, here’s some good news. There’s going to be a spin-off show focusing on Kat and Alfie Moon. The six part show, entitles Redwater, will see Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie reprise their roles as the couple head to Ireland to search for Kat’s long-lost son, and the first image has just been released, which you can see above. It is directed by Danish helmer Jesper Nielsen, who’s previously done episodes of the highbrow foreign drama Borgen, which suggests that this is going to be a bit more respectable than something like Hollyoaks: After Hours

Nielsen hyped the series by saying: 

We have a really important and fantastic story to tell. About how one woman's search for a lost child opens Pandora's box; revealing the terrible lies and secrets in the little village of Redwater.

Redwater is due to air next year.

[via Radio Times]