This past weekend, fans everywhere flocked to the new Kanye West pop-up stores. In total, there were twenty-one Pablo merch shops located around the world. One of those stores was located here in Toronto, Canada. In fact, Toronto had the only Canadian location, which I quickly realized upon hearing of fans who drove into the city. The lineups were horrendous, the crowds were restless, and the resellers were merciless. The experience was at sometimes unbearable, and yet totally satisfying. It truly was the epitome of Kanye fandom.

You meet a lot of people when you spend seven hours in line to get a Kanye West t-shirt. It’s enough time to bond with them, whether through the shared experience, or the Yeezy music emitting from an increasingly long line. Some other people you begin to loathe, whether through their obnoxious behaviour, or their braggadocious plot to resell. But after a while, these faces begin to blend into one another. I’m not sure if it was the heat or the lack of hydration, but I couldn't for the life of Pablo, tell you the names of the people I had met. What I began to do, however, is categorize these fans into five subgroups. After my phone died, this alone helped me kill time.

We spent seven hours in line to get a Kanye West t-shirt, and here were the fives types of people that we met along the way.