AMC's original zombie series The Walking Dead has amassed one of the biggest followings of any current TV show, but the unrelenting grimness of constant zombie killing can get to be a bit much. Have you ever wondered what The Walking Dead would be like with some of Deadpool's comic relief laid over the gruesome visuals? Right, you probably haven't, but an inspired individual decided to make a mash-up trailer of The Walking Dead and Deadpool (The Walking Deadpool?), and the result is zombie-slaughtering made a bit funnier. 

For the imaginative mash-up trailer, video editor AFK Anthony combed through The Walking Dead series to find some of the more exciting zombie-bashing moments and then overlaid audio from the Deadpool trailer.

The most blatant mood shifter in the mash-up is Salt-N-Pepa's classic 90's song "Shoop," which was used in one of the Deadpool trailers. The casual fun of "Shoop" set against the ass-kicking visuals of the Deadpool trailer made sense for the Merc with a Mouth, whose mission is equal parts destruction and comedy. Laid over the darkness of The Walking Dead footage, however, the song completely inverts the mood of the AMC show for an amusing result. That lightness is reinforced later when DMX's "X Gon' Give it to Ya" makes it seem like killing zombies is a fun bro bonding pastime.

The real kicker comes when the overtly serious dialogue of The Walking Dead scenes are dubbed over with Deadpool's infamously crass lines. For example, at the end of the trailer there's some slow motion footage of Rick taking out a zombie walking directly toward him. The screen fades to black and then we hear Deadpool sigh and remark, "I'm touching myself tonight." And just like that, killing zombies is made to be a little less scary.