Peep Show is one of the greatest British comedy shows of all time. But last year, Mark and Jez’s adventures finally came to an end when, after twelve years and nine series, Channel 4 aired the show’s final episode. And while Robert Webb and David Mitchell might not be re-teaming any time soon, the show might be coming back in the form of an American remake.

Starz is going to adapt the show for US audiences, with Son of Zorn creator Eli Jorne taking charge. US remakes aren’t necessarily always terrible — there’s the American Office of course, which ran for nine mostly great seasons. And House of Cards is a remake of an 80s BBC show. But those are outliers. Most of them are awful, like the American remake of Spaced, or The IT Crowd. Or The Inbetweeners. Or Skins. Or Red Dwarf.

This isn’t the first time America has tried to remake ‘Peep Show’. This 2005 pilot, starring 'The Big Bang Theory's Johnny Galecki, never made it to a full series.

[via Den of Geek]