Buddhist monks in Eastern Canada are giving back to the Earth, in the most literal way possible.

Members of the Great Enlightenment Buddhist Institute, released 600 pounds of lobsters into the Atlantic Ocean this past weekend. The event came, after the monks purchased the crustaceans from local fisheries in the P.E.I. area. To put it into perspective, the average lobster weighs about one and a half pounds. So by going off of our lobster-based knowledge, that works out to a potential 400 freed lobsters. Again there are many conflicting reports, with some citing as little as a few dozen being released. Regardless, that's a lot of McLobsters, not making it to the table.

Representatives from the Buddhist society, claimed that they acted out of compassion not just for the lobsters, but for all human beings. Speaking with The Independent, the society members said: “This whole purpose for us is to cultivate this compassion toward others. It doesn't have to be lobsters, it can be worms, flies, any animals, drive slower so we don't run over little critters on the street.”

If you come across an army of lobsters near Charlottetown this week, you now know exactly what's up. Don’t worry, it’s just because the monks released all of them, and definitely not because the lobsters are planning to take over the world like their crab brethren.

Update: It looks like someone doesn't share the same passion and sympathy for our little clawed friends.

According to Global News, a Charlottetown restaurant with ties to the Buddhist Society, was vandalized just hours after the lobsters were released. The owner of the shop declined to speculate if the property damage is associated with the previous event.