UPDATE 07/08/16: Mischa Barton has apologized for her Instagram post, adding that she's "human" and "not perfect." She also shared thoughts and prayers for the victims of the Dallas sniper attack:

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Actress Mischa Barton, who has likely never been thought of as a social justice advocate, has spoken up about the police killing of Alton Sterling. Barton posted a tone deaf Instagram message on Thursday morning regarding her feelings and opinions about the state of gun violence in the United States, which getting thoroughly dragged for being shallow and uninformed. 

Image via Instagram

The Instagram post featured a photo of Barton on a boat wearing a bikini and a coat with a very forlorn look on her face. The caption alongside the photo of her boat excursion reads:

I'm truly heart broken to watch videos like the #altonsterling execution. This may have been going on forever in the United States but thank god the pigs get caught on camera now. Its unthinkable and an embarrassment to America. The country I was brought up in. Somebody make change. We need gun control and unity. And a real President so think about that when this election is around the corner. The world is a precarious place right now.#stop#reflect and #act appropriately

Commenters on Instagram immediately jumped on the photo, pointing out the many issues with Barton's statement:

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

Folks on Twitter have also been speaking their mind about Barton's less-than-inspired Instagram post:

Barton deleted the photo from her Instagram several hours after posting the photo, but the screencaps have rendered the deletion moot.