Matthew McConaughey wants to school you on the craft of making not-shitty movies. The True Detective star, who was recently revealed to be perilously close to tampering with that show's legacy, is co-helming a course at the University of Texas at Austin that's sadly not a deep-dive into how to nail the classic American expression "alright."

McConaughey is taking his expertise back to his alma mater to teach a "higher-level" course on filmmaking, the San Antonio Express-News reported. The university celebrated McConaughey's return on Facebook Thursday with a fittingly hyped montage of his finest cinematic moments, which quickly devolved (evolved?) into at least one "alright, alright, alright," joke:

And here's your jovial jokester:

Not mad at it. McConaughey previously participated in a similar course last year at UT Austin's Moody College of Communication, with students taking a hard look at the script for McConaughey's Free State of Jones:

This fall's course will admit just 30 students, giving them a behind-the-scenes look at Free State of Jones with some help from Hunger Games director Gary Ross. The course will tap into the super underrated virtual classroom vibes but also boasts "at least one" on-campus visit from Mr. Wall Street Chest-Thumper himself.

Speaking of Wall Street and wolves and oddly melodic chest-thumpings, how much would it set back a prospective student to take a year-long, 400-level course on how to do this?

McConaughey graduated from the university back in the Lenny Kravitz-filled year of 1993. His areas of expertise? According to the Guardian, McConaughey dedicated his mental resources to radio, TV, and film. In other words, dude is very qualified for both melodic chest-thumpings and college film courses.