Louis Theroux's TV documentaries have been reliably great television for nearly 20 years — but now he's finally making the leap to the cinema. And he's taking on what might be his biggest subject yet: the Church of Scientology. My Scientology Movie sees Theroux mix up his filmmaking style, with him not only investigating the church, but also trying to recreate what goes on in their mysterious 'Gold Base' compound in California, with actors plying the likes of Tom Cruise and church head David Miscavige. It's an odd approach, but it works, and manages to bring back a lot of the humour of the Weird Weekends that his newer films have lacked.

It showed at last year's London Film Festival (where we really enjoyed it), but there's still no word on when it's actually going to come out properly in the UK — perhaps not surprising the legal hoops HBO's Scientology film Going Clear has to go through to see the light of day in Britain. ​My Scientology Movie does however now have a release date in Australia, where Madman Films will release it on September 8. Which means