Date of Fucking: A Total Mystery, but Probably Sometime in the Mid-2000s, when the Heights of Both Lindsay Lohan and the Pussy Posse Overlapped.​
Pre-Fuck: Founding Member of the Pussy Posse, Lesser Version of Leonardo DiCaprio, Weirdo Kid from Mars Attacks.​
Post-Fuck: Still Reeeeeally Hanging onto the Pussy Posse Thing, Still Definitely Lesser than Leonardo DiCaprio.​

Aside from this list, there's literally zero evidence that Lindsay and Lukas Haas fucked—they've never been in the same gossip story together, let alone a photograph. But the thing is, even if Lindsay never listed out her hookups dick by dick, you'd just ASSUME she had sex with someone from the Pussy Posse. Their apexes—when they owned the club scenes in L.A., NYC, and anywhere else—were just too close together. If you're famous and famously wasted enough, and you go to 1OAK that frequently, something's bound to happen. That's just math. And for those of you saying, "OK, but there were like 50 guys in the Pussy Posse, it could've been any of them," come on, grow up. Leo and Tobey were always out of Lindsay's league, I don't think Lindsay likes redheads, so Kevin Conolly's out, and there's no way she was hitting Ethan Suplee. It had to have been Lukas Haas. (OK, fine, you could totally convince me that Lindsay also banged David Blaine.)