While President Obama still isn't sure what Kendall Jenner does, the second to youngest member of the Kardashian clan continues to dominate the modeling world, as she recently got her own issue of *Vogue* and was the face of a major Calvin Klein campaign. Kendall tends to be less controversial than the other members of her family, concentrating on her modeling career and staying out of headlines, but the supermodel's Snapchat recently showed some questionable activity that led to backlash from her very attentive fans. 

The snaps in question are part of a story that Kendall eventually deleted, which contained pictures of a tiny ziploc baggie that most people would recognize as a coke baggie. In the picture, Jenner holds the small ziploc bag in her hand with the caption "this is the cutest little ziploc baggie I have ever seen." Although Jenner deleted the snap, nothing ever disappears completely in the age of the screen grab. 

Lmfao bruhh pic.twitter.com/tbVwNqR4fL

— ashley (@ashleyarreolaaa) July 3, 2016

Jenner obviously knows that millions of people, many of whom have probably done coke or seen a baggie of it, follow her on Snapchat. Did she really think no one would recognize what it was? Or do we have to consider the highly unlikely—that Jenner herself didn't know what it was? The baggie in the picture appears to be unused—there isn't any white residue visible—so maybe Jenner really was just infatuated with the cute size of a ziploc bag and then later realized what the picture on her Snapchat insinuated. 

It looks like Jenner's motives may remain a mystery, but let this be a lesson to not fawn over tiny ziploc containers on Snapchat because they're most likely used to hold drugs.