Katt Williams is in trouble with the law again.

According to a TMZ report, Williams has been arrested for misdemeanor battery. The LAPD are currently investigating the incident.

On Sunday morning, police authorities responded to a call from an employee working at the Sportsmen’s Lodge restaurant in Sherman Oaks, a neighborhood in Los Angeles. The employee claimed that Williams attacked her.

Although TMZ doesn’t have any information on who started the fight, authorities noticed the woman had minor injuries that were visible. She is requesting Williams be arrested for battery.

Just recently, Williams was at the center of another controversy involving a teenager back in March. The comedian, and Luke Wash, 17, fought each other outside of an apartment complex in Atlanta, where footage of their scuffle made its rounds online. Williams and Wash both face disorderly conduct charges.

As for this incident, TMZ confirms that Williams is currently in custody with a bail set at $20,000.