It was Malcolm Gladwell who wrote about a person logging 10,000 hours of practicing your craft before you could be deemed an expert. In these hours, you fail, try again and eventually succeed. No matter the skill, it’s impossible to earn these hours quickly, it takes time, but there is a payoff once you hit that quota. It makes sense then that the Kardashian/Jenner core has been able to publicly respond to haters in a way that shakes our nation to its very core—they’ve put in the practice. 

Just by virtue of there being so many of them, each family member has had a moment to shine in the press as they’ve publicly hit back at insults hurled at them by publications, other celebrities, haters, or even themselves. Each response, or clapback, has gotten more skilled, more honed, more savage. Time is put into expertly dragging their enemies clear across the concrete surface of the internet. I’m sure masterclasses are taught in Kris Jenner’s home, her children learning when using all caps is effective or just plain out of line, when adding a “haha” negates your insult or adds an air of whimsy. The 10,000 hours of clapback practice clocked by the Kardashians has undoubtedly made them experts in this very tricky, nuanced craft. Which is why it’s a pleasure and an honor to present to you the greatest and most impactful clapbacks to come from the Kardashian/Jenner family.