As well his music, there’s two things Jme is known for: interacting with his fans a lot of social media; and his love of Pokemon. He brought them together last year, when he started exchanging vinyl copies of Integrity> with fans for shiny Charizard cards. And now he's doing it again.

Since 'Pokemon Go' launched in the UK, the BBK MC has been all over it, as you would expect.

In the game, 'Lures' are a special item that attract Pokemon to a Pokestop. 

Jme stocked up on them and tweeted out a secret location.

But the servers kept crashing.

But then on Monday, he was ready.

And then it happened.

He also revealed the location.

And he got mad love from other trainers.

Bless up, Jamie.

UPDATE: It's Tuesday afternoon, and he's started again in a new location.