While Stephen Colbert is busy ripping the ongoing Republican National Convention to shreds over on CBS's Late Show, his competition is hard at work getting top-shelf actors to sing confirmed classics using special microphones. Jimmy Fallon had the indelible​ Idris Elba on Tuesday's Tonight Show, providing the perfect opportunity to deliver the definitive edition of his "Box of Microphones" skit, as well as some noteably dope dance moves:

Each microphone provided a different vocal effect, be it of the chipmunk variety or some other goofy nonsense. First up for Elba was Desiigner's instaclassic "Panda," which the Luther star commendably rocked using what Fallon aptly described as the voice of "an aggressive chipmunk."

But the true highlight of Elba and Fallon's heated round of "Box of Microphones" came in the form of a Lionel Richie banger, specifically his 1981 classic duet with Diana Ross, "Endless Love." 

Complex's own Speedy Morman recently had a chat with Elba while he was in town for his SuperDry clothing collection. The two discussed his support of #BlackLivesMatter activists, his biggest insecurities, and—of course—those persistent James Bond rumors. At this point, everyone needs to stop playing around and just make this dude the new Bond already: