High flying brothers Matt and Jeff Hardy were as much a part of the classic Attitude Era of WWE as  The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Their Tables, Ladders and Chairs matches against the Dudley Boys and Edge & Christian still regularly feature in lists of the best bouts of all time, if you were a kid at the time, you almost definitely jumped out off trees and off walls to imitate their style. 

Since leaving WWE, they’ve spent most of their time in TNA, the much smaller second-biggest promotion in the USA. They’re toiled away in the lower leagues, both suffering real life personal issues (Jeff had a much-publicised drug problem), but on last night’s TNA Impact they had what might be the greatest wrestling match of all time.

After both competing for the TNA Heavyweight Title, the brothers split up, and began feuding with each other.

Matt suffered a storyline injury, Matt went crazy, dyed a white streak in his hair, started speaking with a Shakespearian accent and calling Jeff "Brother Nero".

A few weeks ago they had a contract signing that was filmed like a telenovela, which went viral.

It ended with Matt distracting Jeff with a fake baby. Yes, really.

Matt then started taunting Jeff with hologram drones.

The actual match took place not in an arena, but in a ring in Matt's garden.

Jeff took a massive leap from a tree, but missed.

Matt then started shooting fireworks at Jeff.

Jeff turned the tables on his brother.

They ended up fighting in the lake.

Jeff appears as his masked alter-ego, 'Willow'.

Matt pins him, but it turns out it's Jeff's gardener under the mask!

Matt climbs a giant Hardy Boyz logo, and is about to leap off it...

...but Matt sets it on fire, and he comes tumbling down.

Matt Hardy wins the match, and 'deletes' his brother.

Wrestling is amazing sometimes.

You can watch the whole match here:

And the equally-amazing contract signing:



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