Hopefully you got some rest after peeping the first trailer for The Walking Dead's forthcoming seventh season, as AMC has also unveiled a new trailer for their other gargantuan zombie hit. Fear the Walking Dead, which returns for the second half of its second season next month, was gifted with a stacked two-and-a-half minute trailer in the spirit of San Diego Comic-Con generosity. The verdict? Getting the fam back together definitely won't be easy.

According to Fear star Cliff Curtis, the back half of the show's second season is bringing some "big" deaths to the small screen. There will also be multiple storylines competing for your attention, as Colman Domingo revealed during a cast chat with TV Line Friday. "We're all being spun off into these other storylines," Domingo said. "We're meeting lots of new people." If both The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead have taught us anything at all, it's that you probably shouldn't trust "new people." Just saying.

In April, AMC wisely renewed Fear the Walking Dead for a third season. Though quality certainly has something to do with that major vote of confidence, popularity doesn't hurt. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fear's first season went down in television history as the most-watched inaugural season ever.

Fear the Walking Dead returns Aug. 21, just in time to ease everyone into the promised heartbreak of The Walking Dead's season 7 premiere in October.