It's hard to imagine that anybody could out-weird Jared Leto on the set of Suicide Squad—​what with his deliveries of live rats, dead pigs, anal beads, and used condoms—​but apparently director David Ayer comes pretty close.

In a series of interviews with Conan O'Brien during Comic-Con, the Suicide Squad cast revealed that Ayer took a liking to wielding razor blades on set. Margot Robbie claims that on the first day of filming he shaved off half of her eyebrow, but not before chopping two feet off of Karen Fukuhara's locks. 

"It sounds like an HR problem," O'Brien deadpans.


After Ayer was done with the hair-removal portion of his bit, he began the psychological warfare. What fun!

Viola Davis tells the crowd he "got into her ear" and told her to "call [Joel Kinnaman] a bitch," which Kinnaman claims "she did—every take." "I could feel my power growing," Davis tells a screaming crowd. But Ayer didn't stop there, next telling Davis to call Kinnaman "a pussy."

"I advise any woman to play Amanda Waller for a day," Davis says. Fair enough.

Suicide Squad hits theaters on Aug. 5.