Obviously the Brexit fallout has spread far further that just the UK — it has sent shockwaves through the EU and affected markets across the globe. It has also reached the press junket for the new The Legend of Tarzan film. 

Austrian Oscar winner Christoph Waltz plays the bad guy in the film, which is hardly a shocker — he specialises in playing villains, most notably his breakthrough as complicated Nazi Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds, and playing Blofeld in Spectre, but he’s also been an antagonist in The Green Hornet, The Three Musketeers and even the Robert Pattinson vehicle Water For Elephants. Being Ruropean, he was asked about Nigel Farage steeping down as UKIP leader yesterday, and he didn’t hold back. 

Well of course the head rat would leave the sinking ship. It’s inevitable, you know. They try and dress it up as a heroic exit — no, it’s conceding defeat, it’s putting the tail between their legs and as rats do, leaving the sinking ship.

Of course, all this is delivered in his brilliant Austrian accent, making it all sound even more venomous. 

[via Sky News]