The recently launched Pokémon Go app has galvanized the masses to pick up their smartphones and head out into their surrounding environments in search of virtual Pokémon, but plenty of issues have already arisen from the obsession-inducing game. You may be tempted to whip out your phone and take a look around the office during some down time at work, but let it be known that your boss is going to realize what you're doing and probably scold you for it. One angry note from a Pokémon trainer's boss has gone viral and serves as a reminder to not play during work—or at least to be more discreet about it. 

In the note, the boss of a certain Pokémon trainer is clearly frustrated that an employee has been searching for virtual Pokémon at work. The boss' note features a Poké Ball with a circle slash through it and some pretty funny words to accompany.  

Image via imgur

The urge to "catch 'em all" has returned with a vengeance, but don't let that distract you from your job, unless you're willing to admit that you sacrificed an important part of your livelihood for the sake of the game. 

Bosses getting angry at their distracted employees is by no means the first problem that's come from the addicting Pokémon Go game. A teenage girl in Wyoming stumbled across a dead body floating in a river on her quest to catch 'em all, and others have wandered into police stations in search of coveted Pokémon. A 21-year-old man in Long Island Mike Schultz took a hard fall on his skateboard while scoping out new Pokémon to capture, WHEC reports

It probably wouldn't be the worst idea to look up from your screen once in a while to check out what's going on around you. 

Be careful out there, trainers.