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Despite the movies, the wrestling matches and just generally being a great guy, Dwayne Johnson’s great contribution to the world might still be this old photo of him that he posted on Instagram:Dwayne Johnson Instagram Post

Johnson’s new movie is ‘Central Intelligence’ where he co-stars with Kevin Hart.Central Intelligence Movie Poster

And because the producers know what they are doing, there’s a scene where The Rock where wears a fanny pack. The Rock Wear a Fanny Pack Scene

Obviously, in the UK, we don’t call it a “fanny pack”, cause fanny means, well, something else. So The Rock made this video about what it’s called in different countries.

In France, it’s a ‘banana bag’.The Banana Bag "Sac Banane"

In Spain, it’s called a ‘kidney bag’.The Kidney Bag "Rinonera"

In Mexico, it’s a ‘kangaroo sack’Kangaroo Sack Mexico Translation for Fanny Pack

The more you know.

The Rock Nodding His Head GIF

Central Intelligence is in UK cinemas 29 June (this Wednesday).