During Stephen Colbert's Late Show tenure, the former Comedy Central titan has called presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump everything from "NostraDonald" to, more lovingly, a "honey-glazed tiger testicle." On Tuesday's show, Colbert doubled down on the Colbert Report-esque mockery by hitting his audience with a simple diagram aimed at explaining Trump's mind-boggling response to the tragic Orlando nightclub shooting.

"As news of the attack was still coming in on Sunday, Donald Trump took to Twitter to express solidarity with himself, tweeting 'I called it!'" Colbert joked to the audience. Colbert then took aim at Trump's obsession with the phrase "radical Islam," adding that not only does the presumptive GOP nominee refuse to be "politically" correct, he refuses to be correct in general. In an attempt to make sense of Trump's remarks, Colbert drew this handy diagram:


That, dear readers, is indeed a swastika. Though Colbert promptly erased the doomed diagram and started anew, the message is clear, especially when you start remembering all those times Trump tweeted Nazi-related nonsense to his 9 million Twitter followers.

Never one to let an anniversary zoom past him without acknowledging it, Colbert even got Trump a gift for his 70th birthday. As one could easily predict, said gift included an iTunes gift card, some appropriately tiny gloves, and a scented candle a "pungent" sack of feces:

Forgot all about Trump's birthday? Don't sweat it. Thanks to artist Illma Gore, you can quickly learn how to draw a Trump-inspired micropenis and share it with the whole fam in celebration: