Stephen Colbert was in rare form on Tuesday's Late Show. Instead of following the generally mild (with one notable exception) approach of previous Late Show segments, Colbert set aside network appeasement in favor of voicing the anger of the vast majority of Americans who feel the Senate completely failed them (again!) this week with their refusal to pass gun control measures.

"We all have jobs to do," a visibly peeved Colbert said. "I'm doing my job right now and I've got cameras here to prove it. After the attacks in Orlando, I thought, 'Maybe the government might do their job and pass any kind of law. Even a fig leaf to justify their existence.'" That wishful thinking, sadly, proved to be little more than a depressing AF pipe dream.

"I don't understand you, Senate!" Colbert said. "92 percent of Americans want you to expand background checks for gun buyers and you just ignore them! Since when does 8 percent of the population get to have total control over an issue? That's like taking your entire family on a cross-country trip and letting grandma choose all the music."

As Colbert then revealed, the powers of comparison show just how baffling the Senate's inaction on sensible gun safety reform really is. To really let the truth fly, Colbert took off the proverbial gloves, which thankfully left him looking like this:


"Hey Senate," Colbert said. "My dog accomplished more than you this week when it rolled over and licked its nuts." Speaking of nuts, Colbert had multiple testicular concerns about the Senate's apparent disregard for, you know, everyone. "You might as well ask the gun lobby to check for a hernia as long as they've got your balls in their hands," Colbert noted.

Well said, Stephen. Well said indeed. But you forget to send out one very important message to gun-loving Senators who make excuses for standing in the way of sensible reform measures, a message that echoes far and wide from every corner of the nation: