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Brexit is complicated. The referendum is over, but no-one still really knows what happens next. If the politicians can’t even figure it out, how the hell can we?

So the internet does what it usually does — find a Simpsons meme for that:

"Note: The UK Died on The Way Back to Their Home Planet" Meme

The UK and The EU Meme

Voting Leave:"Im Leavding" Meme

Scotland and Ireland's response:

Scotland and Ireland Meme

"I'd like to file for... divorce."The UK and The EU Meme

"I'm drawing a line down the center of the house, ala 'I Love Lucy'. You stay on your side, and I'll stay on my side!"The UK Chalk Drawing Meme

"The Uk and The EU Can't Be Married We're From Two Different World" GIF

British Burning a Bridge GIF"I Was Saying BOO-Ris" GIF

David Cameron rn:"But It's So Gratifying to Leave you Wallowing in The You've Made. You're Screwed. Thank You. Bye." GIF

"When Are People Going to Learn: Democracy Doesn't Work!" GIF

There loads more — like loads, and loads and loads more — over on The Simpsons Reddit.